Celebration of Scholarship

Celebration of Scholarship

What is the Celebration of Scholarship?

The SSU Celebration of Scholarship features students in baccalaureate and graduate programs from different colleges across SSU's campus and visiting from neighboring universities who deliver academic presentations showcasing their exceptional projects.

Students are sponsored by a faculty member and present the results of their original work in oral and poster presentations before their peers, faculty and the public. Students present work related to research in their field, creative work in the visual and performing arts, community service, and study abroad.

The event begins on Wednesday afternoon and includes an honorary dinner for presenters and their mentors (Wednesday evening), and continues throughout Thursday morning. Presentations close on Thursday afternoon, culminating with a university-wide campus event.

Why should students participate in the Celebration of Scholarship?

The SSU Celebration of Scholarship is an opportunity for students to learn to present academic work in a formal setting, receive feedback from faculty and scholars in the field, exchange ideas with other scholars, and build a resume. Furthermore, effective presentation skills are valuable for all future careers. Thus, the conference provides an excellent public forum to practice skills, to explore strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Students should also regard the Celebration of Scholarship as an opportunity to share their work, see the work of others in the same field and other areas of study, and to give and receive valuable feedback. Intellectually, it is refreshing, rewarding, and motivating.

Students at prestigious universities across the nation participate in conferences, and Shawnee State's students also have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of such an experience.

Who is eligible to participate in the Celebration of Scholarship?

All students from Shawnee State are eligible to present if they have a faculty sponsor to mentor them through the process. Presentations may be done individually or in small groups.

Oral sessions are presented in both panel and discussion format. Each individual or group should plan on fifteen minutes per individual or fifteen minutes per small group. Presentations are grouped together on the day of the event by the Celebration of Scholarship committee, and students who commit should take that obligation seriously as a professional endeavor.

Poster sessions are arranged by discipline and topic, and, although there is no formal presentation, individuals are asked to be with their posters for informal discussion with visitors during a brief period of time during the event.

Participation in this academic event is a wonderful way to share the excitement of learning and thinking with fellow students and faculty members. It is also a good way for students to grow and mature into the professionals they aspire to become.

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