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Housing & Residence Life

Where you live matters.

At Shawnee State University, you won’t hear us talk about “dorms.”

That’s because we don’t have any.

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All of our housing units are apartments — each with a fully-equipped kitchen, living room, dining area, bathroom, bedrooms and on-site laundry facilities.

You can choose between six different apartment complexes, each with their own floor plans — and personalities.

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Why live on Campus?

Your chances of success increase.

Nationally, college students who live on campus make better grades and manage their time better. We have several themed housing units in housing where students with similar interests or majors are grouped together. That makes study time even better.

Everything is convenient.

Your class – and student activities – are just a short walk away. (So is the Bear’s Den dining facility.) It may not sound like a big deal, but convenience often makes a difference in class attendance and participation in events that help you make friends (and keep you fed).

Your safety is a priority here.

Our Department of Public Safety provides both security and police services. Officers are available and accessible to students around the clock.

You’ll have a built-in social life.

A big part of college success is feeling connected with the people around you. Living on campus provides unique additional opportunities to make friends and build connections with apartment-mates, neighbors, and Resident Advisors who are here for support and guidance.

Everything is included.

Unlike off-campus housing rentals, all utilities and basic internet connection are included with University Housing. No hidden fees or fluctuations in price. When you purchase a meal plan (required for freshmen and sophomores), even your meals are included.

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Common Questions

What if mom lives just 5 minutes away? Can I still live on campus?

Sure. If your parents live within 25 miles of campus, you are not required to live on campus, but you are still invited! Many students from neighborhoods close to Shawnee State choose to live on campus for a variety of reasons, including a desire to make friends, build connections, and experience residential life.

Are there scholarships or financial aid that can help pay for housing?

Yes. Student loans may cover the cost of University Housing. The Neal & Vicky Hatcher Scholarship, offered through the SSU Development Foundation, provides funding specific to housing students.

The Neal & Vicky Hatcher Scholarship is awarded to a select number of students each year. Complete the application (PDF) to be considered for housing assistance.

Housing Requirements

All freshman students in their first year of attendance are required to live in university assigned housing. Exceptions to this policy include married students, single parents, veterans, students over the age of 23, transfer students, students living with parents, and other extraordinary circumstances as determined by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Age Limit

Research has shown that maturation compatibility among students is a significant factor in the normal operation of housing and a major determinant of student success and retention. Student housing complements that experience when the age range difference of students in a housing unit does not exceed ten years. Thus, housing applicants beyond the typical age range of 17-23 years will need to demonstrate extenuating circumstances and receive approval from the Director of University Housing & Residence Life to live in university housing.

Computer Support

SSU partners with Time Warner Cable and Wi-Fi Solutions Group to offer internet connectivity for all student housing buildings.  The Wi-Fi network in your housing apartment is separate from the campus network and is only available to student housing residents. To connect your personal devices to the SSU housing network you need to obtain the password for your building from your Resident Assistant and then select one of the SSID Numbers mounted on your refrigerator.  Please do not share the password with others who are not residents of your building.

If you wish to connect a gaming console, plug the console into a physical network port for best performance.  Attempting to operate a gaming console over the Wi-Fi is discouraged since it will result in a poor quality of internet service for both your games and for anyone else that is connecting to the same SSID as you and trying to share the internet bandwidth.

Reporting a Problem

If you experience a problem with your Housing Network, please report the issue to the IT Service Desk in one of the following ways:
  • Email the details of your issue along with your name, contact information and LOCATION to ITService@shawnee.edu.
  • Call in your issue to IT Services at (740) 351-3538.
  • Stop by the IT Service Desk on Level 1 of the Clark Memorial Library.
Your information will then be sent to Wi-Fi Solutions who will attempt to resolve the issue remotely if they can.  If they determine that the situation requires someone to visit your apartment to resolve the issue, they will contact you and schedule a time to send a technician to work on your issue.

What is provided:

  • Wireless access within all University housing units
  • One wired connection in the common area
  • Student discounts on Windows Operating Systems and Microsoft Office
  • A safe, secure, and easy to use computing environment

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