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At Shawnee State University, our goal is to help you obtain the financial assistance you need. Our Financial Aid Office is here to help make an education at Shawnee State affordable. We have an extensive program to help you with college expenses.

Shawnee State awards more than $25 million annually in financial aid through a combination of scholarships, grants, loans, and college work-study programs. Much of this assistance is based on need and determined by your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); however, merit scholarships are granted to students whose potential for contributing to campus life is significant, but who may not qualify for need-based financial assistance.

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SSU is pleased and proud to be able to offer more than 200 scholarships based on outstanding academic ability and individual achievement. These scholarship funds are provided through the generosity of donors and many are administered through the SSU Development Foundation.

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Grants are considered gift aid and do not have to be repaid. Most grant aid is based on some type of need-based eligibility requirement; therefore, you must complete the FAFSA to apply for most grants.

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Shawnee State University understands that managing the cost of education may be a challenge for many families. In addition to grants, scholarships and federal work study, there are several student loan options available to students and their families.

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Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study program is a federally funded, need-based program that provides on- and off-campus employment opportunities for undergraduate students, allowing them to earn money to help pay educational expenses.

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Federal Work Study Job Openings

Federal Work Study Application (PDF)

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Student Employment

In addition to Federal Work Study, Shawnee State offers positions to students through student employment. Student employment is a non-need-based work program for students to earn additional funds to help pay for college expenses.

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Veterans Education Benefits

SSU is committed to assisting America’s veterans, current service members, their family members, and their survivors in obtaining all federal and state educational benefits and entitlements they have earned by serving in the US military.

SSU Veterans Services

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