Placement Testing

Purpose of Placement Testing

Placement testing is very important and should be completed in a serious and thoughtful manner.  Your scores on the placement test will determine your academic readiness for college courses and will in turn determine what courses you are allowed to register for at Shawnee State University.  As a result, students are discouraged from completing placement testing during orientation if they live within one hour of the university and can return on another day once they are mentally prepared to take a test.  Students who place academically underprepared for college-level coursework in two or more areas will be referred to the Bridge to Success Program before they can be admitted to SSU. 

Because placement testing is so important, we encourage you to do some preparation before you come to take the placement test.  Students are encouraged to prepare for the test by taking a practice test so that they are familiar with the format and the type of questions students will be asked.  Shawnee currently uses the Accuplacer test as its placement testing tool.  To take a practice Accuplacer test, go to: Practice and be Prepared for Accuplacer.

Starting in Fall 2018, Shawnee State University will begin using Accuplacer Next Generation.

In addition, if you have been out of school for more than one year, it is suggested that you refresh your memory regarding mathematics concepts, especially algebra and geometry, before taking the placement test.  Khan Academy is a good, free resource for this review:   

Placement for Degree Seeking Students

Degree seeking students who are 20 years old or under are required to have an ACT score  and may not take a placement test.  Students who are 21 or older may take a placement test.  Students with scores that are more than three years old will be required to take a placement test before they can receive a course schedule to obtain a more accurate picture of their current knowledge.  To take the Accuplacer test, students may:

  • Drop into the Student Success Center on Tuesdays 8am-5pm and Thursdays 12pm-8pm to take a placement test.  No registration is needed for these days.
  • Register to take the placement test on the 1st Saturday of the month (excluding Saturdays that fall during holidays when the university is closed) by calling Rebecca Childers at 740-351-3110 or emailing

Students must bring a photo ID and know their social security number to take the Accuplacer test.  All tests must be started 2 hours before the ending of testing that day.

Placement for Non-degree Seeking Students

Students who are not pursuing a degree but wish to take classes at Shawnee, specifically College Credit Plus students, may take a placement test; however, Shawnee prefers that students have an ACT score if the student is 20 years of age or under.  College Credit Plus students must be college-ready in either math,  English, or reading to participate in the program.

To Appeal Math, Reading, or English Placement

Students who feel they have been misplaced based on their ACT sub-scores in math, reading, and/or English or their Accuplacer score in writing may appeal their placement by contacting Rebecca Childers at (740) 351-3110 or

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