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Student Achievement Data

At Shawnee State University, student success is a priority. We measure success in different ways — based on individual student goals. One widely recognized measure of success is retention – which feeds into graduation rates. We want students to successfully complete courses and work toward earning their degrees. We also want the degrees our graduates earn to lead to careers. Ultimately, you want to know that your Shawnee State degree will prepare you for careers of tomorrow.

Graduation Rates

Data is representative of the 2012-2018 graduation cohort

Undergraduate Student Graduation Rate: 31.36%

Graduate Student Graduation Rate: 83.33%

Overall Graduation Rate: 32.44%

Student Retention Rates

Data is representative of Fall 2016 to Fall 2017

Undergraduate Student Retention Rate: 57.25%

Graduate Student Retention Rate: 75%

Overall Retention Rate: 58.74%

First-time Students Return their Second Fall: 64.14%

Completion Rates

Data is representative of Spring 2018

Female: 17.07%

Male: 12.68%

Asian: 14.70%

Caucasian: 15.47%

First Peoples or Indigenous People: 29.16%

International Students: 27.90%

Multiracial: 8.79%

Pacific Islander: 20.00%

African American: 11.60%

Latin Descent: 15.38%

Undisclosed Ethnicity: 10.43%

Pell Recipient: 16.81%

Student Athlete: 20.31%

Financial Aid

37.97% of the student population for 2017-2018 received Pell grants

63.59% of the student population for 2017-2018 received student loans

68.62% of the student population for Fall 2017 received any type of federal financial aid

For Cohort year 2011:

26.56% of students who received direct subsidized loans that did not receive a Pell grant graduated within six years

16.67% of students who received Pell grants graduated within six years

Student Athletes

257 students were student athletes for 2017-2018, representing 5.98% of the student population.

Licensure Pass Rates

Graduate/Professional School

Data is representative of survey of 2015-16 graduates

Graduates enrolled in graduate/professional school or working on a second degree: 28.96%

Job Placement

Data is representative of survey of 2015-16 graduates

Graduates reported having jobs six months after graduation: 89.39%

Student Achievement Data

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